Be Filled With

Be Filled With

Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.  Ephesians 5:18  NIV


The man got home and went straight to the fridge.  He had been waiting for this moment.  He grabbed a cold one and cracked it open.  He probably could have heard a little voice inside his head scold him and tell him that the drink was evil.  But he did not want to hear those voices now of people who try to turn religion into what they eat, drink, or refrain from.  He liked the taste and for him, this was a moment to be cherished.  What about us?  Do we ever turn to be filled with something other than the Holy Spirit?

If we could be honest with ourselves, we would realize that this story depicts us all.  Any and every moment could be spent seeking to be filled with the Spirit of God.  But is that what we do?  So many times we turn to something else.  Getting drunk is something we may refrain from and therefore think we can pat ourselves on the back about.  But we need a complete shift in our interests.  Choosing to go down a road of pleasing ourselves is far from seeking to be one with the Spirit.  We are invited to head in another direction.  The Lord is where we should be.  Inebriating ourselves with the Spirit of Christ is what we should long for throughout our day!  Shall we seek the kind of pleasure that can only come from filling the moments of our lives with the Presence of God?  Shall we pray that the Spirit is our only vice today?


Dear Lord,

We want to stop going to everything other than You.  Turn us and fill us instead at all times with Your Spirit, we pray!



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