Profound Mystery

Profound Mystery

This is a profound mystery–but I am talking about Christ and the church.  Ephesians 5:32  NIV


Two girls worked overseas for the summer one time.  While they were there they each met boys.  When they returned they continued courting those boys.  Then the boys came to visit.  One night they were eating with the family of one of the girls.  A family member could not take it anymore.  She blurted out in front of everyone, “Wasn´t there enough boys to choose from right here in our own country?”  Relationships are certainly a mystery.  But do even our deepest mysteries bring us back to the profound mystery of the relation between the Divine and us?

Even Paul tries to use marriages and relationships, their respect and love, to help us see that we should be concerned with where we stand with God.  He uses the church and Christ and their bond too!  It should be what consumes us and drives us to investigate.  We should be so moved by the analogies that we press forward in our own heart to search and to find its place in the Lord.  Could we lift up this profound mystery today?  Could we throw all else aside and seek a quiet moment to spend with the One who loves us?  Could we make it the desire of our hearts now to bring our love to Jesus and ask Him to show us how close we really are to God?


Dear Lord,

Please never let us get so comfortable with ourselves that we do not work on our relationship with You!  Be the love of our lives!  Be what our hearts long for, look for, and find in all that we do and all that consumes us, we pray!



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