Honor Your Father

Honor Your Father

“Honor your father and mother” – which is the first commandment with a promise  Ephesians 6:2  NIV


Early one morning when the sun was coming up, a small child walked through the halls of his quiet home.  His family was still sleeping it seemed but he went looking for his parents anyway.  He finally found his dad in the study.  His father was reading the Bible.  Dad wanted to know why the boy was up at these early hours.  But instead of sending him to his room, he asked his boy if he would pray with him.  The two got down on their knees.  There before the Lord, they both prayed to our Father in Heaven for His continued love and care for us, His children.  How do we honor our father and mother like this each day?

The boy should have been in bed.  But he and his father had a special moment with the Lord that day.  Now the boy is a man.  He gets up each morning like his dad did before him.  We may think that honoring our parents means that we speak of them with respect.  But could we honor them much more by living our lives to God?  Could the best way to show that our parent raised us well be that we turn to God in such a way that we can bring God´s love upon our earthly families?  If we can grow close enough to Jesus, then would His love and care then be assured for us and all those around us today?  Shall we honor our Father in Heaven now and therefore do the most for our earthly father and mother too?


Dear Lord,

You have promised good things.  Just help us come to You.  Let us honor You now and in turn, those we love, we pray!



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