As If to the Lord

As If to the Lord

Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men,  Ephesians 6:7  NIV


A man went in to work each day as an assistant.  But his boss was not the nicest person.  Often he was left outside for long periods of time regardless of the rain or cold.  Each day, the assistant received the full brunt of his boss´ sharp temper and frustrations.  Nothing he did was ever good enough.  The worker still received a constant stream of insults, mental abuse, and criticism.  Their job had many risks and they were often on ladders.  Yet the assistant always withstood the abuse and protected his boss by making sure nothing bad ever happened to him.  Have we ever had a boss that was difficult to live with?  How did we take it?

Christians are called to live in this world as if we are not really as much a part of it as we like to think.  We may work for others here to earn our daily bread.  But those who call themselves the Lord´s should live for Him.  This means that our earthly situations are not to be seen as being merely earthly any longer.  We are to look for where the Lord is moving.  We look to see where Christ may have us step.  We need to learn to react to people as if God has placed us here for this very reason.  Could we use a little help in seeing our world from Jesus´ point of view?  Shall we ask Him to fill our vision and help us do everything as if we are doing it to the Lord?


Dear Lord,

Let us walk so closely with You today that we can see where You are leading through each relationship, and how we may serve You by serving others, we pray!



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