Work Out His Plan

Work Out His Plan

being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.  Philippians 1:6  NIV


They should not have climbed down there.  The children had gone for a walk up into the hills behind the house.  But two of the boys had been tempted to climb down the steep far side.  They were daring each other to enter into a dangerous looking patch of tall grass where snakes and wild animals surely lurked.  But then the call came for lunch.  They needed to head back.  They climbed but got lost.  Steep cliffs and rough underbrush blocked their way.  The smaller boy dropped to his knees.  He prayed for God´s help.  At that moment a voice above them told them he could see them.  It was one of the other children.  He was able to help them find their way back safely.  A good work of the Lord had begun in these children.  Although they wandered from God, will He be able to carry his work on to completion in them someday?

Praise God through Jesus!  The Son has become our Way!  A work initiated by God is still a work of God!  His hand is mighty!  He can carry out His plans and He does.  God may work in mysterious ways.  His timing is not ours.  But there is hope as long as there is still the breath of life in us.  We can come home to God.  Could we thank the Lord today for His continuing providence?  Shall we each turn to Him to watch Him work out His plans for us now?


Dear Lord,

Let us watch in wonder as You move in hearts today!  Draw Your children unto You and help us all return, we pray!


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