Until the Day

Until the Day

so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ,  Philippians 1:10


For as long as they could remember her, she was a white-haired elderly woman.  When they were kids they loved to bob for apples in her garage and eat her homemade donuts.  Her children had moved off and her husband died too early.  She was left mothering anyone who would let her.  She spent her days and years caring for her garden and those who came to visit.  But the day came when she could no longer live alone.  She was put in a rest home.  Her children didn´t make it to visit her much, so it was the other´s whose lives she had touched that came to see if she was OK and spend time with her.  Right up to the end, her faith in God sustained her.  Her only thought until her final breath was of the soon-coming day of Christ.  Are we able to discern what is best?

Many people like this woman touch the lives of others by their care, their love, and their solid faith in the return of Jesus.  They are blessings to all.  They have chosen a Way to live that sweetens the lives of everyone they come into contact with.  A similar path could be ours.  We could be people who will be remembered for our love for our Savior.  We will be happy and expectant people knowing that soon our beloved Lord will come and take us all to be with Him.  Who would like to live a pure and blameless life now living in breathless expectation until the day of Christ?


Dear Lord,

Let us live each day fragrant and expectant lives yearning for the day that You will return to take us unto You, we pray!


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