Christ to Live

Philippians 1:21 Christ to Live

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.  Philippians 1:21


Years back a couple took a trip to Asia.  They had been married for a while and her maternal instincts began to stir.  She had heard that people abandoned babies in China due to strict population laws.  So she could not help herself from looking under bushes or taking walks looking for one of these unfortunate children.  She did not find any, but she did start to feel morning sickness.  When she returned home she found that she was pregnant.  What is it that we need right now?  Is there anything we feel we must have to live?

This woman felt she needed to care for children to live.  She felt like for her to truly live, she needed to be a mother.  These and other natural and beautiful strings will tug inside our hearts.  We may think that we need them to live as well.  But, there is one thing we need above all else.  We need Jesus.  We need Him to live.  We need His sacrifice to right what went wrong between us and God.  We need His teaching to guide us and be our Way through this complicated world we live in.  We need our Savior walking with us through our day, protecting us and instilling us with His love.  We need Christ because only God knows what is really best for us.  We need Him because He has something special for us and we will only find out what that is if we follow Him closely.  Shall we step out in faith today?  Shall we seek the One we need to live?


Dear Lord,

Help us to seek You for our very lives.  Let us put You first, need You most, and let You lead.  For us to live our lives, let us need You present with us every step of the Way, we pray!


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