Blessed to Suffer

Blessed to Suffer

For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for him,  Philippians 1:29


They worked hard for many years and paid to have a decent retirement.  Their dream was that when they could no longer work, they would buy a motorhome and travel around visiting their grandchildren.  But retirement came early due to health problems.  They thought that their dream was coming true when the checks started coming in.  But the insurance company found a clever way to get out of paying them.  So the couple had to change their plans.  They bought a small house in a lonely desert town instead.  But the story is not a sad one.  God wanted a church in that town.  The couple has been blessed by playing an important part in nurturing that small church.  Have we ever been blessed to suffer for Christ?

Suffering may seem horrible and pointless.  Yet Jesus suffered before us.  He taught that following Him may exclude us from some other earthly pleasures.  But God knows how many lives He may touch if we are willing to forfeit our earthly dreams!  He knows what He can do through our lives.  He also knows what we stand to gain with Him if we will make sacrifices for Him.  If we feel that we are short-changed and made to suffer in life, shall we pray that hearts can be brought closer to God through it?  Shall we ask the Lord to let us be among the blessed people who serve Him today even if we may have to suffer for it somehow?


Dear Lord,

Help us rejoice if we must suffer here on earth.  Bless us with the thought that hearts are coming closer to You, we pray!


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