Very Nature God

Philippians 2-6 - Very Nature God

Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped,  Philippians 2:6  NIV


“I believe there is something like a god,” the woman said.  “But I just do not think the Bible is true.”  “There are so many far-out concepts and stories in it.’  ‘I think that the Church invented it all to manipulate us.”  Her words showed that she had never studied the Scripture herself.  It also showed that she did not have the two things Christian hold to; Hope and Faith!  How do we feel about the divinity of God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the mysterious Holy Spirit?  Do we know?  Have we searched into the nature of God?

The Scriptures tell us of God and of the Son He says He sent to the cross to redeem us all and bring us home.  It is quite a story to try and take in.  This is where the twin powers Faith and Hope come to play.  First, we need to have a glimmer of hope that what God wants us to know of Him is true.  Secondly, we will have to get the consent of our earthly mindset and put a little faith in the character of God.  Once we can open ourselves to hope and to a bit of faith, then the Lord can begin to work in our hearts.  We do not have to understand all the mysteries of the Divine.  If we cling to our hope, our faith will grow.  The great and mysterious Spirit of God is ready and longing to reveal to us the very nature of God.  Who wants to experience God-sized revelations today?  Do we?


Dear Lord,

Pour out Your Spirit today to astonish us with a million revelations of Your nature!  Give us enough hope and faith to put us in the front row and let us be amazed by You, we pray!


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