At the Name of Jesus

Philippians 2-10 - At the Name of Jesus

that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,  Philippians 2:10  NIV


Differences of opinions between two families made it uncomfortable for them to be around each other.  One family stopped coming around to visit.  The problem was not one of selfishness or of rudeness.  Their discomfort came from their views of Jesus.  One family believed that Jesus was made by God and therefore could not be God.  They believed that Christ was like an angel or a prophet that should be respected, but never worshipped.  They were upset that the other family felt they owed their hearts, their souls, and even their lives to Jesus.  Where do we stand?

Jesus came to the earth offering salvation to those who would believe in Him.  He never forced anyone.  He simply relates that this is what God has given to us for our salvation.  We can choose.  We can have a Savior who will be there for us.  He can cover us with His purity, His righteousness, and His love.  He can guide us and bring us into an understanding of the Father.  But first, we must make Him important.  We must learn to trust Him.  We must come to know Him like we mean it.  The day will come.  All will give account.  Will we want to have what it takes on the day that we are measured?  Will we want a Savior who knows us and who will take us by the hand and stand with us as we meet our Father?


Dear Father,

Help us come to know and to walk with our Savior now so that we may not miss out on any of the wonders that You still plan to show us of You!  Give us Jesus Christ today, we pray!


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