It is God

Philippians 2-13 - It is God

for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.  Philippians 2:13  NIV


At the age of 15, a young man found a job and started working.  He quickly became a good employee.  But he dreamt of more.  At the age of 21, he bought his first business. Each time that he thought his life was taking shape, he found that changes needed to be made.  His work would fall through and businesses didn´t work out.  Even in relationships, he couldn´t seem to find the right woman to share life with.  But he did finally find the woman for him and settled down.  The jobs still came and went.  Would we say the man is a failure?  Or could God be working out His own plan for that man?  Could it be God, who sees what is best, is taking another soul on the journey of a lifetime?  Is it God who walks us through the good times and the bad, according to His good and eternal purposes?

We may not see where the Lord is leading us.  We may not like the pain and discomfort that reaching a dead-end brings.  But what if the God who knows what is best, has brought us there for a reason?  What if the Lord does not want us to settle into a lesser situation?  What if the Almighty would not like us to focus on ourselves, but on some important task of His?  Could we lay aside our limited dreams?  Shall we look to see if the Lord has some eternal plan with us in it?  Will we let it be God who leads us now?


Dear Lord,

Instead of giving us a cozy life here, give us a life of Your design!  You know what is far better.  Let it be You who works us toward Your goals.  Do it all for Your glory, we pray!


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