Confidence in What?

Philippians 3-3 - Confidence in What?

For it is we who are the circumcision, we who worship by the Spirit of God, who glory in Christ Jesus, and who put no confidence in the flesh–  Philippians 3:3  NIV


Dutifully they filed into church each week.  They had done it their whole lives.  They grew up learning the doctrines of their church.  They knew the texts that their church was founded on.  They could recite the Scriptures that stated what their religion was built on.  Some had stopped going to church after they left their parent´s house.  But these were no longer considered Christians.  It did not matter that they still believed in Jesus Christ as their Savior.  It was not important if these outsiders sought each day to repent, seek God, or worship Him.  They were lost.  Where do we stand today?

Being a faithful church-goer is an admirable thing to become.  But it can also be dangerous.  Every person under the Son will have to measure up one day.  What we put our confidence in will be the determining factor.  Sadly, it will not come down to the hours of faithful attendance or more perfect doctrines we hold.  It will come down to exactly how important we have made our walk with Jesus.  How intimately do we seek Him?  How desperately do we need to be with Him each day?  How far out of our way are we stepping to make sure we are listening to His voice?  Are we following His directions as He whispers them softly to us?  What is it that we can put our confidence in right now?


Dear Lord,

Let us be so involved with being with You that when all is said and done with You is where we will always be, we pray!


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