Want to Know Christ

Philippians 3:10 - Want to Know Christ

I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death,  Philippians 3:10  NIV


A young girl went for a walk in the countryside with her family.  While they were walking, a puppy came running over to greet them.  It was cute.  It was happy.  It playfully greeted the girl.  It wagged its tail so hard that threw its little body back and forth.  The girls fell in love with it in an instant.  It was thrilled to let her hold it and cuddle it.  Pretty soon a lady came by and said that she had just found the puppy and that the family could keep it if they wanted.  The girl began to plead with her parents to let her take it home.  She had always wanted a pet.  She wanted this one so badly that it hurt.  What is it that we want in life?

There are some who have felt their hearts jump at the thought of having a Savior.  When Jesus is presented to them, their whole soul yearns after Him with a passion.  These blessed souls can have the Father´s consent.  We too can have a loving and caring Friend to walk through life with us.  If we can sense a desire within, we can fan it into a flame.  We can burn to know Him.  We can want Jesus more than anything else on earth.  If we do, our Lord can unleash His Spirit upon us.  God can give us hope, love and the opportunity to spend eternity with Him if we are willing.  Shall we ask our Father to give us the most faithful companion of all?


Dear Lord,

Our prayer is to know You more!  Give us Jesus Christ!  Let us want our Savior with a passion that never dies, we pray!


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