Press On

Philippians 3-14 - Press On

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 3:14  NIV


It was 300km to the other end of the remote African lake.  They thought they were being brave.  But their friends and family thought they were committing suicide.  There was no telling what dangers lay ahead.  These dark waters belonged to crocodiles and hippos that were bigger than their tiny old sailboat.  But they were determined.  Night fell on them and they still hadn´t found any wind.  They were forced to row.  They had been rowing all day.  They were tired.  But they had to make it to Binga, a small fishing village.  They needed to fill out the required permits before they were caught out there on the lake.  They had to press on.  They rowed on into the night trying to forget about the blisters and their exhaustion.  Are we pressing on in our journey heavenward?

On these waters of life, we never know what dangers are lurking just below the surface.  All the odds are against us making it safely across to our heavenly home.  If we are going to make it to our Father, we must be determined.  We must accept the risks.  We must press on when the world would deter us.  But for the Prize set before us, it is all worth it.  When we sit down at our Father´s table one day, we will not care what we had to suffer to get there.  Shall we press on after Jesus and closer to our heavenly Prize?


Dear Lord,

Our journey seems long and difficult at times.  Many dangers would prevent us from coming fully unto You.  Please give us perseverance that will keep us pressing on after You, we pray!


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