Our Citizenship

Philippians 3-20 Our Citizenship

But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ,  Philippians 3:20


Nervously the man stepped up to the desk.  The immigration officer on the other side greeted him with a scowl.  He took the passport and started thumbing through the pages.  The man became more and more afraid of what was going to happen.  Would he be deported or imprisoned?  He desperately needed help in fixing his paperwork.  But it didn´t look like this officer was going to help him.  Finally, he handed the passport back.  “Your visa has expired.”  With that, he dismissed the man from the office and sent him back out into the street still wondering what to do.  Have we ever fretted over where our citizenship is?

The whole world around us frantically chases their earthly dreams.  We are carried on this current and it will take a brave soul to even hope of being a citizen of an eternal heavenly realm.  But this is exactly what God has called us for.  Jesus came to be our agent.  He came to offer Himself as our paperwork.  We can belong to Heaven if we will set our sights that high.  If we would like to be greeted with a familiar smile when we step up to that immigration desk, we should do our best now to get to know the One who will have to vouch for us.  Shall we pray to Christ and ask for a relationship with Him today that is strong enough to assure our citizenship with Him in glory for all ages to come?


Dear Lord,

We want to belong to You and Your Kingdom.  Show us how to assure our place by Your side today and forever, we pray!


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