Philippians 3:20 - Rejoice!

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!  Philippians 4:4  NIV


Her son had been away overseas for more than a year.  She had spoken to him on the phone from time to time.  But it was hard to think of him so far away.  One day, they handed her the phone.  It was his voice on the other end.  Instantly she was happy again, and for that moment the pain of separation was gone.  As she was speaking to him the doorbell rang.  She had to set the phone down to open the door.  It was her traveling son!  He had come home to surprise her!  She was overcome with joy!  She threw her arms around him rejoicing in his safe return.  What do we rejoice in?

We can rejoice all the time.  It may sound strange to someone who has not met Jesus.  But those who have can testify.  Those who have drawn near enough to Christ to sense His presence, have felt this joy welling up from within.  The pure and beautiful souls who have truly been touched by God surely will know this happiness of spirit that our dark world will refuse to seek out.  When we have sought the Lord, opened our hearts to Him, and found Him in the lonely valley of repentance, the Light of God can shine in us!  The Spirit of Jesus can come to live with us!  The Son of God can be ours today!  Nothing in Heaven or on earth need ever take away our joy of having our Savior by our side!  So, swing the door of our hearts wide open!  Let us receive our Lord!  Let the rejoicing begin!


Dear Lord,

Let our joy overflow as we bask in the Light of Your love!  Let our dark horizons give way to rejoicing in You, we pray!


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