Him Who Gives

Philippians 4:13 Him Who Gives

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.  Philippians 4:13  NIV


It was the second pair of shoes this week that wore through the sole.  She pleaded with her husband to glue them somehow.  But, he sadly handed them back and told her he couldn´t work miracles.  She would have to buy new ones.  The woman always put her family´s needs before her own.  She tried each day to work wonders with what little they earned.  That night she could not hold back the tears.  Where do we go when our problems are bigger than our own power to solve them?  Who do we turn to?

God has His plan for each of us.  It is usually quite different from what we dreamed of or worked towards.  But it is often far better for us to have it God´s way instead of our own.  Things left in His hands have a way of turning out better for us than what we had our hearts set upon.  The Lord still cares for us.  It is hard to see when we face our troubles or pain.  But God is at work and our part is to look to His Son.  If we trust Jesus, we can rest assured that more than our shoes will be taken care of.  Our lives and those of the people around us may find hope in the fact that God is present.  Shall we lift our eyes today?  Shall we lift our attention and set our hope not on what we can accomplish, but on Him who gives strength and takes us where only faith in God can take us?


Dear Lord,

Show us again how You care for those who put their faith in You!  Give us the strength to press on, as You perfect our faith!


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