Into the Kingdom

Colossians 1-13 Into the Kingdom

For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves,  Colossians 1:13  NIV


They crossed over the border just before it closed one night.  In the morning they left the security of the motel and set out into a war-torn African country.  They drove right past the morning convoy which was preparing to travel through the dangerous bushland to the city.  They went in two cars with rifle barrels hung out the windows in an attempt to dissuade any terrorists from attempting an ambush.  They drove as fast as they could as there are no speed limits where darkness rules the land.  The missionary family that had come to live in this new country wondered wide-eyed and fearful about what they had gotten themselves into.  What forces rule the kingdom we live in today?

The Scriptures describe a people who have crossed over a border from a land under the dominion of darkness.  They are brought into the Kingdom of the Son of God.  We can congratulate ourselves on where we think we live.  But if we do not wake up with Jesus each day, if we do not ride with Him through the winding treacherous wilderness of our day, we might not be safe yet.  Who can still feel the need to draw closer to the only One who will ever be able to protect us and bring us safely home to God?


Dear Lord,

Until we are safely in the presence of our Father in Your Kingdom, please keep us right beside You, we pray!


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