The Image of God

Colossians 1-15 The Image of God

He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.  Colossians 1:15  NIV


Daddy came home from work exhausted.  He took his toddler in his arms and reclined on the sofa.  The child relaxed in the embrace and soon both of them fell asleep.  The mother came in and found the two of them on the sofa.  They were lying in the exact same position with their right arms up over his head.  She could not help but smile at the resemblance, not only in physical aspects but in habits and characters.  Have we ever been amazed to see likenesses between parents and children that go beyond mere chance?  Have we ever let our thoughts rise up to ponder the Wonder that is our God the Father and the image of Him we can see in His Son?

We man not see the invisible God.  But awareness of Him and the amazing things He is up to can be seen around us each day.  These discoveries are available to those who care to know God and where He is moving.  But the most perfect image we can find of our God is through His Son.  Jesus was sent to us so that we would be able to fix our wondering hearts on the perfect representation of our Lord.  Would we like to see God?  If we let our curiosity grow, we could be amazed today!  Shall we open our eyes to see the image of God that we can only see through Jesus Christ God´s very own Son?  Shall we learn all we can directly from Him now?


Dear Father in Heaven,

Blow us away today with what we can see of You in Your Son!  Amaze us with the Spirit that we find, we pray!


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