Treasures of Wisdom

Colossians 2:3 Treasures of Wisdom

in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.  Colossians 2:3  NIV


A psychiatrist once spoke at a church camp meeting.  He knew how to read people.  He was so good that he knew what decisions people were going to make.  He could also subliminally lead them into making choices he wanted them to make.  He taught the audience how he could make a volunteer choose a certain card from his hand by making a gesture with his other hand or eyes.  His speeches were interesting and entertaining.  Years later, people who had heard him could remember how clever he was.  But they could not recall how his speech directed souls unto God.  What treasures of wisdom will people remember us sharing with them?

There is one single thing in all the earth that we could give to others that is far above any other wisdom or knowledge.  It is the awareness of the presence of God.  If we could perform the not-so-simple trick of helping someone come to realize the existence and nearness of our Lord, then we could usher them onto a higher plain of understanding.  If we could help others see that God is right here and wants to enlighten us and give us an intelligence that goes eternally beyond mere heavy thinking, then His wisdom could come to them too!  Who could benefit today from receiving the great treasure of wisdom and knowledge from above?


Dear Lord,

Let us know and share the wealthiest of Treasures.  Give us the wisdom to spend all our days with You, we pray!


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