Fine Sounding

Colossians 2-4 Fine Sounding

I tell you this so that no one may deceive you by fine-sounding arguments.  Colossians 2:4  NIV


He was a nice man.  The congregation approved of the way he conducted himself in their community and the way he preached.  His sermons were not overly passionate.  But they were biblically sound and they followed the denominational views.  He held peaceful and respectable worship services.  There were no outbursts of irreverent activity.  Instead, they enjoyed a calm Christian atmosphere with all its high standards and values.  The preacher continued to lead that congregation for years.  What do we look for in our worship leaders?

We can surely find preachers who teach correct doctrine in our churches and run respectful gatherings.  But, if we are looking for a closer walk with God and a stronger dependence on Jesus, then we might want to demand that our worship leaders are burning with passion.  If our spiritual lives are quiet, then we are probably not standing in the presence of the Almighty.  If we are not constantly being thrilled and amazed by the powerful movement of the Holy Spirit, then we might want to seek it.  Our leaders should be one step ahead of us in this pursuit of Christ!  Shall we accept the warning of fine-sounding arguments and demand nothing less than burning adoration and intense communion with God today?


Dear Lord,

Please consume us and our leaders with the burning desire to press on right into Your magnificent Presence, we pray!


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