Live in Jesus

Colossians 2:6 Live in Jesus

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him,  Colossians 2:6  NIV


He grew up in a Christian home.  He went to Christian schools.  He was an aspiring person and graduated with his doctorate.  He built up his own practice and made it into a pillar in his community for many years.  He had his hobbies, his interests, and his family.  He was active in his church.  But his real passion in his life steadily grew into his love for the Lord.  He would welcome anyone with a great smile who would be moved to converse with him about God.  He wanted to live his life in Jesus and he was more than eager to encourage everyone around him to receive and live in Christ too.  Do we also live our lives increasingly more in Jesus?

The friend mentioned above has now left this earthly life.  But he made being with Jesus his goal here and for eternity.  Living in Jesus is not just using his name often or fervently.  To live in Jesus means to walk each day with Him.  Far beyond a statement that we make one day, it is seeking to have Christ´s Spirit flowing powerfully in our hearts.  It means following Him when everything in the world stands in our way.  To live in Jesus is to take whatever we have of Him in us and consistently seek more. It is uniting ourselves inseparably with Him!  Would we like to continue to live in Christ and find more of His Spirit welling up in us forever too?


Dear Lord,

Our prayer is to grow closer to You!  We want to seek more of You in our lives each and every day!  Help us, we pray!


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