Fullness of Deity

Colossians 2:9 Fullness of Deity

For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form,  Colossians 2:9  NIV


The little guy worked pretty hard.  His mom combed his hair, but the child pressed his hair flat with his hand and plastered it to one side just like his dad.  His father was a missionary.  He wanted to be like him.  He dressed, talked, and tried to act just like his hero.  The small boy resembled a mini version of his dad.  That is what he strived for.  That is the way he was.  Know anyone like that?

When we look at Jesus, we can see God.  He is our representation.  He is what we have been given so that our earthly souls can begin to grasp great spiritual truths.  Christ may seem small or insignificant to some.  He is may be overlooked by the worldly driven crowds.  But for those of us who care to see, the fullness of God lives in Him.  If we will, we can let our hearts discover the Truth we come to know Him.  We will surely be astounded and amazed!  We will see God!  In Jesus, we will see the love of God!  In Christ, we will see His care, His providence, and His grace.  Jesus embodies all that we could not otherwise understand of God.  The Father gives us His perfect reflection.  Shall we embrace God´s gift to us?  Shall we open ourselves to greater revelations as we discover the fullness of Deity in Jesus Christ today?


Dear Father in Heaven,

Please let us come to know You through the fullness of Deity we find in Your Son.  Fill us and our hearts with wondrous discoveries as we walk with our Savior today, we pray!



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