Shadow of Reality

Colossians 2-17 Shadows of Reality

These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ.  Colossians 2:17  NIV


Screams pierced through the darkness.  Some newcomers to this safari camp ran towards where a canvas tent had stood.  But in the darkness, the beams of their torch searched the shadows.  They could only make out a giant grey mass where the tent once stood.  As the rescuers blinked the sleep from their eyes, they realized that the grey mass was actually the tail end of an elephant!  He had his head in the tent and was searching for a treat.  The rescuers smacked the giant butt with all their strength and turned around to run. as fast as they could with the elephant in hot pursuit.  As they passed their own camp, they ducked behind a tree.  The elephant swung a big bag of oranges he had stolen into his mouth as he passed them.  At the taste of it, his anger left him and he wandered off into the shadows with juice dripping from his lips.

Here on earth, we wander around in shadows.  We have rituals, high notions, and we study up on our spiritual truths.  But there is something infinitely bigger to come.  Our Lord and King is going to return.  It will be an overwhelming experience to meet Christ face to face!  Soon these shadows will give way to the shining and wondrous reality of Jesus. Who can feel the excitement looming?


Dear Lord,

Let our hope soar, knowing that what we still have to learn of You will blow us away!  Let our anticipation grow, we pray!


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