Who Is Life

Colossians 3-4 Who Is Life

When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.  Colossians 3:4  NIV


A woman from Europe came to live in the USA for a time.  She made many new acquaintances.  The people warmly received her.  They had a lot of questions for her, like why she had come to live in their country.  But the question which always seemed to come up was which church she went to.  Where she came from there was mostly just one religion, so she did not know how to respond.  She had never been taught to live her life for another.  She had been taught to try and be a good person.  Who do we live for?

Even when a person becomes a Christian, they may not yet know what living for Christ means.  They may not have experienced yet what it feels like to find the Spirit of God living in us.  If they are willing though, God can quicken them to life.  He can begin to stir deep within them.  The Lord can begin to fill us and all those void and empty places in our souls.  As we continue to pursue our relationship with Jesus, the growing realization will come to us that we have finally found our home.  Our home will be with the Lord.  Our life will be an endless walk with Him.  So when they ask us today which church we go to, shall we hope to respond with the assurance that it is the one where we are with Christ?  Shall we make it our very life to be with Him always?


Dear Lord,

Come reside in our hearts.  Let our life consist of seeking You, loving You, and forever walking with You, we pray!


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