Do It for the Lord

Colossians 3:23 Do It For the Lord

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men,  Colossians 3:23  NIV


A manager lined out a few garden chores for a young worker to do one day.  It was hot.  When the manager came back to check on his progress he brought him some water.  The boy was sweating.  The young worker´s deodorant was not able to cover the boy´s body odor.  But the manager did not want to hurt the boy´s feelings so he didn´t say anything.  Just then, the owner of the company came along. The owner asked the manager to step into his office.  He too had smelled the odor, but he favored the boy over his manager.  He accused his manager instead.  He rebuked him for not maintaining the level of professional courtesy.  How was that manager going to go out and work well for an insensitive boss?

Any Christian will feel the harsh lash of insult or cruelty.  But the true Christian, the one who is trying to please God and not man, will react differently.  We do bring no good light on the God we serve if we cling to our resentment or turn to anger.  We are called to reflect the Savior who teaches us to love.  Shall we pray for help from above?  Shall we strive to keep our eyes and our hearts on Christ so that the moment we are injured by anyone, we will continue to love and care for those around us? Shall we ask to do everything as if we are doing it for the God we serve?


Dear Lord,

Help us to be so consumed with You that whatever we do is done to see the smile growing on Your face, we pray!


One thought on “Do It for the Lord

  1. Amen! Sometimes it’s hard to stop ourselves from reacting in a good manner, but God gives us the strength and wisdom to please Him first helping us remember that we’re here to represent Him well.


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