Colossians 4:1 Masters

Masters, provide your slaves with what is right and fair, because you know that you also have a Master in heaven.  Colossians 4:1  NIV


A newly appointed manager took his job seriously.  He had a family and knew how important it was for his employees to know their schedules ahead of time and have sufficient break and holiday time.  He had to change the old rules of the company a bit to accommodate his goals of keeping his workers rested and prepared for their tedious work.  But his employees appreciated his efforts and went out of their way to give him the best possible service in return.  When the regional manager came to check up on him though, he refused to commend the new manager on his successes.  He told him that everything he did above and beyond the call of duty was also expected of him as an employee of the company.  What kind of authority do we yield and how are we using it?

As servants of the Lord, we should realize that our Master cares about us.  If we would imitate our Savior, then we should care for those entrusted unto us.  Shall we pray today that no matter how many or how few people look up to us, they will come away seeing the care of our Father in us?  Shall we ask for help in being good administrators of the Love of God to His lambs everywhere?


Dear Lord,

In every situation that we may find ourselves in let us be a good reflection of You!  Let us show Your heart, Your care, and Your determination to bring souls home, we pray!


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