Complete the Work

Colossians 4:17 Complete the Work

Tell Archippus: “See to it that you complete the work you have received in the Lord.”  Colossians 4:17  NIV


The man was not overly intelligent.  When he got a new job, he would learn how to do it. Then he would go on to figure out a cleaner and more efficient way of making things work.  By the time the man had his workplace and systems organized and running better than before he came, something would always happen and he would find himself without work, again.  If he had been smart, he might have found a way to keep one of those jobs.  Or is there a way that he could have been even smarter still?

What we do for a living here on earth may be one of the most crucial elements of our life, but it is far from being THE MOST IMPORTANT.  If our friend had truly been clever, he would have spent more time and emphasis on his relationship with Christ.  If he had walked closer to his Savior, then nothing he ever did would have been a waste.  If he had done all his work as if to God, then he could have enjoyed it all regardless of who else benefitted from his work.  If he worked to complete God´s call for him to follow Jesus, then this would be a happy story instead.  Could we examine our relationship with God?  Could we look to see that the most important work of our lives is being completed in our hearts today?


Dear Lord,

Whatever we do, help it bring hearts closer to You!  Never let us forget to involve You in all we do.  But help us go on to complete the job of bringing our hearts fully to You, we pray!



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