Calling Us

1st Thessalonians 2-12 Calling Us

encouraging, comforting and urging you to live lives worthy of God, who calls you into his kingdom and glory.  1st Thessalonians 2: 12  NIV


When the seasonal job ended, the young man returned home to his parent´s homes.  He was in his twenties but hadn´t found direction for his life.  In between jobs, he reflected on the decisions he had made.  He had left college because he thought it was getting in the way of his education.  There was a big world out there and he wanted to see it all.  But around his old friends and family, the questions poured in.  Where was his life heading?  He could not say.  It made him think of the Savior he prayed to as a child.  Was the God of Heaven calling him?  Could He be calling us too?

We can never see the end of the path we are traveling on when our eyes are on the dust.  We can see the bends in the road and the obstacles that confront us.  But those travelers whose destination is God can plod forward.  They cannot say that their journey is less complicated or perilous.  But with Jesus at their side, their walk can be a pleasure.  We can rejoice too no matter how difficult our path may seem.  If we would just lift our eyes to God, we can have our direction.  We do not need earthly life successes if our reward is so big that this world cannot contain Him.  Give us Jesus!  He is calling!  Can we hear Him calling us home to Him right now?


Dear Lord,

Open our ears!  Let us hear Your call!  Move us to make You our Goal, our home, and our traveling companion, we pray!


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