Hostile To

1st Thessalonians 2:15 Hostile To

who killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets and also drove us out. They displease God and are hostile to all men  1st Thessalonians 2:15  NIV


They were from a Christian high school.  They had traveled to Europe and were visiting Paris.  On the way back to their hotel one night, they met a bum in the Metro.  He was drunk and had a nearly empty bottle of wine in his hand.  He tried to sit near some of the teenagers on one of the benches. They all moved away except one boy who was not afraid.  The bum was not hurting anyone.  He probably only needed a friend.  But the insensitive youths started calling the boy and trying to get him to come away from the bum.  The bum stood up and tried to ask them something, but they could not understand him.  One girl slapped the man´s hand away and his plastic bottle fell down off the ramp onto the tracks.  Just then one of the teachers accompanying them called the young people to follow her to the ramp in the next track.  They were waiting for the wrong train.  The last they saw of the old man was him stretching off the ramp to try and reach his bottle.  A train was long overdue on that track.  Their hostility may have cost him his life.

In trying to be righteous upstanding people, many times we can forget to act as our Savior would.  Could we pray that as we deal with others we are never hostile and that we share God´s love?


Dear Lord,

Let Your love fill us and flood out to everyone today, we pray!


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