Encouraged by Faith

1st Thessalonians 3-7 Encouraged by Faith

Therefore, brothers, in all our distress and persecution we were encouraged about you because of your faith. 1st Thessalonians 3:7  NIV


He was not her maternal son.  But he loved his adopted mother as much as her own children did.  He missed her greatly when he had to move away for work.  He had seen how hard it had been for her to lose her husband to cancer.  But she was a Christian.  She put her faith in Jesus.  She believed that He was her Savior and ours.  She believed Him when He said that He would bring us all together again before the throne of God.  So although the boy had to live so far from her, he was greatly encouraged knowing that she was secure in the hands of God.  Are we encouraged too?

This woman´s simple faith in God can lighten our load too when we think of her.  Her children do not all believe as she does.  But she is praying for them.  People like her are in good hands because they look to the Lord.  They bow to worship God.  They put their hope in Jesus.  They do not have to be the most learned scholars or the most correct theologians.  They just need to be the kind of people who love God and seek Him in their lives.  Can we be encouraged by people like that?  Could we seek to be the kind of follower of Christ that brings encouragement to others too?


Dear Lord,

Give us such a faith in You that those around are warmed by our love for You!  Let our gaze upon You encourage others because our lives are securely in Your hands, we pray!


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