To Live a Holy Life

1st Thessalonians 4:7  To Live a Holy LIfe

For God did not call us to be impure but to live a holy life.  1st Thessalonians 4:7  NIV


In those young adult years when the body seems to be the most important aspect of a person, the boys turned to bodybuilding.  They started going to the gym.  Their muscles grew.  Their friends went too.  Their diets changed as they learned of nutrition, carbs, and proteins.  They began to eat large amounts of food to boost their size.  Some of their friends turned to steroids.  The temptation was there.  It was illegal.  But it was easy enough to get your hands on.  What were the boys to do?  Would they give in and try the drugs?  Or would they remain clean and live with what God had given them?  Do we think we are living Holy lives?

God did not call us to be impure.  If we have never broken a law in the country where we live, we may be tempted to think we are living a holy and pure life.  But with all things spiritual, it goes way deeper than that.  Impure is when our eyes wander from God.  Impure is when our interests become more interesting to us than our Lord.  Whatever stems from our failure to keep our lives enveloped in the Holy One is what is called sin.  Could we be in need of a Savior today?  Could we ask to walk closely and intimately enough with Jesus that our attention remains on Him?  Could we live so fully in Christ now that our lives can be Holy too?


Dear Lord,

Draw us so near to You that our lives are completely enveloped in You.  Let our holiness be our walk with You and Your power to save us, we pray!


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