Pray Continually

1st Thessalonians 5:17 Pray Continually

pray continually;  1st Thessalonians 5:17  NIV


An experienced ferry pilot was scheduled to take a plane from California to Southern Africa.  But in the end, he had other work.  So, two inexperienced novices decided to attempt the trans-Atlantic flight.  It took them over 16 days and more than 100 flying hours.  They had no more than taken off before they experienced their first bad weather and needed to start praying.  The rest of the trip found them in constant danger.  They would see everything from being lost in zero visibility weather, to violent electrical storms.  They experienced engine failures and even had to dodge tornados.  Their only hope for surviving each part of every day was in the intensity and consistency of their prayers.  Have we ever had to pray continually for our very lives?

By prayer, each emergency was placed in God´s hands and He brought them through.  When we pray to God, He is there.  The more we talk to God, the more connected we are to Him.  The more constantly we pray, the less this world affects us.  If we could learn to pray continually, then we could walk with our hand in the Lord´s hand at all time.  His hands are mighty to save, guide and protect.  We would never have to worry or be perplexed with life´s situations.  Our Savior would be right there with us always.  Could we start now by asking Jesus to be with us? Shall we ask to enter into a conversation with Him that keeps us where He is forever?


Dear Lord,

Show us how to connect with You in an endless conversation that places us right in Your arms at all times, we pray!


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