Fire In Us

1st Thessalonians 5-19 Fire In Us

Do not put out the Spirit’s fire;  1st Thessalonians 5:19  NIV


He was working in a boatyard when he first saw it.  A strange boat rowed up and parked next to him.  He asked about it.  They told him that it was a special rowing boat made for a Trans-Atlantic race.  He had always dreamed of running in an Ironman or some other insane endurance race.  But he had never heard of anything this big.  This race was to row non-stop across the open Atlantic.  It would take months, not just days.  From that moment on, he could not sleep.  He dreamt of the race.  A fire had been lit inside of him.  He was consumed with his desire to attempt it.  It influenced his decisions, the way he worked, and even his relationships.  Have we ever felt a fire for something inside of us?

What this man felt bordered on obsession.  His desire was after a worldly experience.  His emotions were played upon by all kinds of self-oriented sentiments.  Now we hear of an intelligent, personal encounter with the Holy Spirit.  We could have an experience like none other available to mankind.  We could approach God.  We could enter into His presence.  We could have His Spirit fill us.  The fire that could burn inside of us will not be one of the short-lived or earthly goals.  It will not be for personal gain or to boast.  Our passion will be to burn in love unimaginable for our Lord.  The fire that could rage in us would lift us up far above the clouds and much further than crossing the widest seas.


Dear Lord,

Lite a spark in us like none other!  Put the fire of the Holy Spirit in us to drive us in passion ever after You, we pray!


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