Hold On to Good


1st Thessalonians 5:21 Hold On to Good.jpg

Test everything. Hold on to the good.  1st Thessalonians 5:21


The boy had a mind of his own.  Whenever his parents told him no, that was just what the boy wanted to do.  He was not like his siblings who could be more easily reasoned with.  Years went by and his parents gave him many hours of instruction.  Their hope was that he would turn out to be a caring and respectful young man.  They worked hard to teach him to share, to be generous, and to be selfless.  They wanted him to look for the good in everything instead of dwelling on the bad parts or on finding conflict.  He continued to test everything.  Do we?  What do we hold on to?

As we grow into mature Christians we are encouraged to test everything.  But it will be to see what is from God and what is not.  We are instructed to bring every experience and every thought unto our Lord to see how much of Him can be found in it.  The lesson our Heavenly Father would have us learn is to seek out the good and hold on to it.  All that brings us closer to God is good.  All that makes us know we need a Savior can work to bring us to Him.  Everything that is considered, and proved to have the love of God in it, should be cherished and even nourished.  So as we engage our world today, shall we heed our Father´s guidance?  Could we open our eyes and our ears?  Could we test everything in our day and see how it could bring us closer to God?  Could we seek out everything that puts us in His good hands and hold on to Him for life?


Dear Lord,

Be with us and help us to be good children.  Let us learn to seek You and find You in every last bit of our lives, we pray!


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