He Will Do It

1st Thessalonians 5:24 He Will Do It

The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it.  1st Thessalonians 5:24  NIV


Something inside of her seemed to be reaching towards God.  She had a friend who was a Christian.  So she went to him to for help.  She had gone to church before.  Her parents were Christians.  Her husband had been too.  But now he had a bad impression of the church-going scene.  He was against the holier-than-thou crowd pushing everyone around with their self-righteousness.  But she wanted to know God.  She wanted to experience Him.  She felt the Lord was calling.  But, would her friend be able to bring her unto God while the whole world stood up to prevent it?  What about us?  Would we know how to help someone who is hearing the call?

Many people toy with Christianity.  But the sincere person will actually sense God calling us to Him.  With the right response in our hearts, we can embrace the whispered Word of a Savior.  It was God´s movement that brought us to contemplate Him.  Our part is to be moved.  We can go on to make sure our hearts are open and stay open to the wonder, the power, and the love that our God will reveal unto us.  The dangers of resistance, or worse yet, indifference, would kill our chances.  But hearts that will burn to know Him can have this assurance, He will see to the growth of our faith and our relationship.  We can learn to love Him more!  Shall we give the One who calls us, the chance to do it in us now?


Dear Lord,

Help us open our hearts to seek You!  Let us look to You to enable our faith and our walk with You to grow, we pray!


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