Law Is Good If

1st Timothy 1:8 Law Is Good If

We know that the law is good if one uses it properly.  1st Timothy 1:8  NIV


The family had a rule.  Their day of worship was sacred.  They could not skip it, or push it off.  They would stop everything they normally did during the week to make that day special.  In the morning they played Christian songs on the old record player.  After breakfast, they would get dressed up and go to church.  After the ceremony, they would gather with friends.  They would go to a park or to someone´s house and have lunch together.  It was a beautiful tradition.  But as the children grew older, this old house rule fell to the wayside.  The children went on to busier lives.  The law of that house fell to just another obligation.  How do we feel about the law?

That family lost a precious gift.  They once had a rule that brought many sweet memories and many blessings.  When the law of their house became too much to bear, they lost their opportunities for those blessings and for more of those sweet memories.  Christians can all very easily get lost on the dos and don´ts.  We can make so much of what must or mustn´t be done that we remove Christ from our hearts and no longer need His saving grace.  But, the law was intended to bring us closer to God and His Son.  Could we pray today that the Lord will show us how to use the law properly and that we are drawn ever closer to the Lord?


Dear Lord,

Show us what You would have us do.  Let every principle and every law that we live by bring us ever closer to You, we pray!


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