Poured Out On Us

1st Timothy 1:14 Poured Out On Us

The grace of our Lord was poured out on me abundantly, along with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.  1st Timothy 1:14  NIV


It was the day they should have been in church.  They stopped the van at the head of a trail.  It was a short hike down to see a waterfall.  But just when they wanted to walk down to see it, a heavy rain began to pour.  Not to be disappointed, the boys all stripped off their shirts and set out down the trail anyway.  It was a hot tropical rain.  They slipped and slid as ran down the path that had now turned into a stream.  As the forest closed in around them, the downpour began to cease.  All of a sudden, the jungle opened before them and they saw the cascading waterfall into a crystal clear pool.  Already wet, they plunged in for a refreshing swim.  God had gracefully poured his blessings on them that day.  Are we aware of what the Lord pours out on us?

Good times and special memories are not the only things that God pours out on us.  Faith is also given from above to those who seek it.  We can have a fountain of faith welling up and making our upward journey a delight.  We can continue refreshed and smiling knowing that the Lord is with us regardless of the looming trees.  God also pours out His love on us.  We can be blessed by having the love of God filling us and flowing from us to all those around.  Shall we pray for the Spirit to pour out His blessings on us today?


Dear Lord,

Thank You for Your blessings!  Please do pour out on us increasing amounts of Your love and faith in You, we pray!


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