To Save Sinners

1st Timothy 1:15 To Save Sinners

Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst.  1st Timothy 1:15  NIV


A teenage girl sat on the floor outside of the elevators talking with her friend about life.  At that age, every decision and every sentiment are felt with great intensity.  She was wondering why dreams and desires were so difficult to make come true.  They had both grown up in a Christian environment.  As usual, the conversation turned to faith in God.  The friend was far from perfect.  He had no set goals.  He believed the Lord would show us all the Way.  For him, that was enough.  They talked about the difficulties of letting go, of not being in control of our circumstances.  He was content that they did not need to know the answers, she wasn´t.  She told the boy that she admired his faith.  To a sinner, this sounded strange.  What about us?  Do we still think we can be perfect?  Or do we know we need a Savior?

Paul is one of the followers of Christ that we could all look up to.  He had persecuted Christians until He met the Son of God.  Then he devoted the rest of his life to encouraging others to come to know Him.  He tried to help us all see our own need for the Lord.  If we are able to admit our need for Christ in our lives, then there is hope.  If we are able to see that our hearts wander and fall short, then we can come seeking Jesus.  Shall we do that now?


Dear Lord,

Convict us with the awareness of our need to be saved.  Then help us seek to be right where You are always, we pray!


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