One Mediator

1st Timothy 2;5 One Mediator

For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,  1st Timothy 2:5  NIV


The woman could not sleep.  She kept hearing a voice in her head saying, “The Lamb of God.”  In desperation, she messaged her friend who she knew would be awake.  “What does this mean?” she asked.  “The voice keeps telling me to live close to Him.  What should I do?  What would we do?  What would we tell a suffering soul who does not know the Lamb of God?

The Lamb of God is the central focus of the whole Bible, and of life.  The Old Testament sets the stage and points forward to Him.  The New Testament tells us of this Lamb coming from God as His Son.  One with the Father, Jesus died to save every soul.  If we have never met Him, we have no hope at all.  If we cannot come to know the Savior, we will never know God.  We can spend our lives rejecting the call to step out with the world and start seeking Christ.  We can try to be good people, but our efforts will never be enough.  We must each come to hear that soft still voice.  We must each sense the burning emptiness inside until we are moved to find a relationship with Him.  Many will not go that far.  But we can!  Shall we pray that the Lord will find the right response in our heart today?  Shall we ask to intimately walk with the One Mediator who can cleanse us and bring us to our Home forever with the Father?


Dear Lord,

We want to know You more!  Show us the Son each day so that we can know the Father!  Give us our Savior, we pray!


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