Above Reproach

1st Timothy 3:2 Above Reproach

Now the overseer must be above reproach, the husband of but one wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach,  1st Timothy 3:2  NIV


The man was a pastor in a day and age of change.  His duty and responsibility were to nurture the hearts and faith of his congregation.  His wife was a beautiful and good lady.  They had children and were a fine example for Christians to look up to.  But in this modern world gone crazy, their marriage did not last.  They found the need to split up.  What was the preacher to do now?  He could not stay and guide souls in their relationship with God if he could not keep his own relationships alive.  What about us?  Do we hold any responsibilities with what we already know of the Lord?

We have been entrusted with a special knowledge of Jesus Christ.  We have come to know that He is the One who was given to us to make us right for all times.  There are many who will care nothing for this information.  But it means life abundant for those who do care.  So we must oversee the transmission of what we know to hearts that could benefit from knowing Jesus themselves.  To do this, our lives will need to demonstrate that we have met Him ourselves.  We need to be above reproach.  Shall we pray that what others see in us is not just our earthly failures?  Shall we pray that the inspiration that we exude is a vibrant and adoring relationship between us and our Savior Jesus Christ?


Dear Lord,

Despite our failures in this world, let our lives be a striking example of hearts that have been touched by You, we pray!


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