Abandon Faith

1st Timothy 4:1 Abandon Faith

The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.  1st Timothy 4:1  NIV


The preacher stood to give his talk that morning.  It could have been a moment of strengthening faith and of ushering souls closer to God.  But that morning, while the whole congregation was gathered together, he had to address other pressing issues.  His church was divided.  They needed to make some decisions over what practices and what doctrines they would stand on.  A house divided against itself cannot stand.  The Bible predicts that this will happen.  But nobody wants to believe that it will happen to them.  Can we see where deceiving spirits could be sneaking in to steal us away and make us abandon our faith?

The sad thing is that the church was at the point where the preacher had to deviate from a normal sermon and devote to debatable issues.  Dark forces were already at work.  When hearts spend more time focusing on differences, or on ourselves, then we have been misled.  Our faith is in God.  Our attention should be on Him.  Our hearts should be with Jesus Christ.  Anything less is dangerous.  We must be honest and consider that deception could reach even unto us.  We must be careful that we never lose one bit of faith.  Shall we pray that God can keep us focused on Him and cultivating our walk with Him in faith each and every day?


Dear Lord,

Never let anything slip in between our hearts and You.  Never let us get lost on issues when we could be with You, we pray!


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