1st Timothy 4:4 Everything

For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving,  1st Timothy 4:4


The dog was mean.  He was a Bull Terrier and his name was Impi.  This meant warrior in some African languages.  He lived up to his name.  He did not like being petted, but if you kicked him, he would wag his tail and smile.  He was not very handsome.  But he was strong and sturdily built.  The children would play with him, but mostly by trying to escape him.  Visitors had to be careful around him or he had to be locked away.  But the dog was very good at one thing.  He kept his master´s house safely guarded.  We often find certain things awkward, unpleasant or consider them bad.  But do we know that everything God created is good?

Sometimes, if we take the time, we can see what purpose an unfavorable thing has in life.  Any of our struggles can bring us closer to God and may serve to strengthen our faith.  Foods that some people shun are a staple part of the diet to others in a different land.  God desires souls that would mingle with His and seek to have Him in their lives.  Our call is not one to earthly standard.  Our call is to Jesus!  We are called to a life beyond our imagination with Him!  Shall we pray that we learn to give thanks for everything God has given us?  Shall we ask that each and everything in our world draws us closer to the Lord?  Shall we pray that nothing is rejected but strengthens our walk with Jesus Christ?


Dear Lord,

Give us a real and active faith that grows and draws us nearer steadily to You.  Let everything strengthen our bond, we pray!


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