Holding Promise

1st Timothy 4:8 Holding Promise

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.  1st Timothy 4:8  NIV


After several days of intense physical training, the selection of young men lined up for the last stage of their tryout.  It was an interview before a board of impressive executives.  They would be drilled on their character, their perseverance, their work ethics, and on their beliefs.  In the lineup, there was a Christian.  He had no idea that his faith would play a big part in whether or not he was chosen.  He could be picked.  Or he could be rejected.  But in the end, the company chose him over better-trained contestants because he strived to know God.  Is our faith holding promise in our life today, or just in the life to come?

Godliness can be looked at in different ways.  Some may like to think of it as purifying one’s actions until we resemble God.  This is futile.  We can become extremely pious people.  But we need God to be like God.  We need to be on very intimate terms to start to imitate our Lord.  We need the Son of God in our lives if we would have the love of the Father in us.  We need Jesus walking with us through our day to have the Holy Spirit filling our heart and guiding our steps.  Godliness for us must be enveloping ourselves in Him until it starts to show.  Shall we seek a closeness that will hold all kinds of promises for us now and for the life to come?


Dear Lord,

Let us see You so clearly and stand so close to You that everyone around us will recognize Your Spirit in us, we pray!


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