Deserve Wages

1st Timothy 5:18 Deserve Wages

For the Scripture says, “Do not muzzle the ox while it is treading out the grain,” and “The worker deserves his wages.”  5:18  NIV


Professionals were flown in for the filming of a New Year´s Eve show in Japan.  They were all specialists in some exciting activity.  They were given students that were public figures on TV.  The training sessions were filmed so that the public could see how the students had learned and how hard their training was.  After a week of lessons, the instructors were sent back home, all except for one.  He had won the approval of the directors by the way he cared for those he was teaching.  They paid for him to stay and watch the live filming of the show.  Do we deserve our wage?

Those who serve the Lord in any way are blessed from on High.  Sharing Jesus with our neighbor is a cherished endeavor.  God sees deep into our hearts.  When He notices that we are giving of His love that is filling us, He wants more than anything to repay us for our efforts.  Darkness would stand in our way.  But the Lord is faithful.  He will find a Way to reward us.  It might just be that for our labors, we will receive a greater faith.  We could be found worthy of a more important service.  Or perhaps we could be blessed by a sweeter and more intimate walk with our Savior.  Shall we pray that we look beyond any earthly gain and work towards an eternal reward in Christ Jesus?


Dear Lord,

Help us to be faithful servants.  Let us share abundantly the love and hope we have found in You, we pray!


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