A Little Wine

1st Timothy 5:23 A Little Wine

Stop drinking only water, and use a little wine because of your stomach and your frequent illnesses.  1st Timothy 5:23


Two men worked together in a large company.  One was a Christian and the other a Muslim.  The Christian believed that the food served in the company cafeteria was to be eaten with a grateful heart and with thanks given to the Lord.  The Muslim tried to please his religion´s views and would not touch much of it.  But when the workload increased and the pressure began to take its toll, the Muslim became ill and could not come to work.  He was not getting enough nourishment from the kosher selection he found.  Do we struggle to find certain foods approved of by God?

It is a noble effort to want to please the Lord with our actions.  It is right to try and keep ourselves pure.  But before we ever turn to consider the external things, we must first consider how much of our soul is with God.  There are things far more important to eternity than eating and drinking.  There are intentions behind our actions also to be thought of.  Are we making a direct connection with our Savior in the depths of our heart?  Or are we trying to please another person´s opinions or standards?  Our first obligation is to become one with our Savior.  His prayer was to live in us as He is in the Father.  Shall we pray that our faith really starts placing us in the Presence of Jesus and Him inside of us today?


Dear Lord,

Help us past drinking only water to please You.  Draw us so close that everything we do may enhance our relationship with You!  Lift our eyes far above our illnesses, we pray!


One thought on “A Little Wine

  1. Omg. This song!!! I had this album and it ministered to me like crazy back in the day. I tell people about it and no one ever heard of them. Love that you shared it.


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