1st Timothy 6:7 Gain

For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.  1st Timothy 6:7


The students crowded in close behind their literature teacher.  They were standing in the queue to get into the London Tower to see the Crown Jewels.  The tour began and the large group followed the assigned guide into the castle, all except for three.  The chief of guards had begun a friendly conversation with their teacher, and he offered to show her a few parts of the castle that were not on the tour for the general public.  They got a personalized view of the priceless treasures stored up in the famous castle.  What treasures are we trying to gain for ourselves?  Will they be ones we will enjoy when we leave this world as we know it?  Do we care?

Many years ago church goers perhaps were not so concerned about storing up wealth, making a good living, or getting ahead.  But in many circles today, personal gain is more than encouraged.  We can spend a lifetime chasing our dreams and accumulating as much as possible.  But what do we really gain by it?  The Bible warns us against having that mindset.  People who want to be well-off must dedicate themselves to seeking that end.  This takes much time, effort, and devotion.  All of which we could put into seeking God and cultivating our relationship with Him.  Shall we pray that the Lord finds in us, hearts that beat for Him and yearn for Him as our prize, our treasure, and what we stand to gain?


Dear Lord,

Fill our vision with You!  Be what our hearts are set on!  Let us find in You all that we could ever hope to gain, we pray!



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