The Love of Money

1st Timothy 6:9 The Love of Money

People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction.1st Timothy 6:9  NIV


His heart was beating fast as he chose the green Nothing-to-Declare route through customs.  A friend had offered to pay for his trip to this African country if he would bring the box that he was pushing on the cart in front of him.  He had not packed it himself.  He was not even sure of all that it contained.  The heavy box had been damaged during the flight.  He began to panic.  The guards stopped him.  Strange items could be seen through the hole in the box.  Would they understand his innocence or would they treat him as a criminal?  Had he been too greedy?  Could we all be?

Wanting something more may seem harmless enough.  The problem is that it places us at opposite extremes from God.  God tells us through His prophets and through His Word, that He is to be the desire of our hearts.  He will supply us with all, and more than we need.  Our part is to want Him in us, in our souls, and in our lives.  We are asked to make a choice over what we will seek in our days.  We can choose money, we can choose prestige, we can even choose a paid holiday.  But the consequences might be worse than we could imagine.  Shall we guard ourselves against our greedy hearts?  Shall we ask the Lord to set our attention and our hope on Him over everything else that may try to tempt us today?


Dear Lord,

As we choose what to yearn for today, please help our hearts to focus on You!  Be the One desire we would have, we pray!


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