Godless Chatter

1st Timothy 6:20 Godless Chatter

Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to your care. Turn away from godless chatter and the opposing ideas of what is falsely called knowledge,  1st Timothy 6:20  NIV


After the worship song, the new pastor stepped up to the pulpit.  He gave a quick prayer that hearts would be opened to God and then took a moment of silence before giving his sermon.  When he did begin, it was only to deliver a couple of words.  “Jesus wept.”  He said.  And then he sat down.  The congregation sat there in bewildered silence.  They had come to expect at least half an hour of monotonous words before they would be released to go off to more enjoyable activities.  A couple of awkward moments went by until the preacher decided that he should elaborate or his message would be lost.  Do we tend to godless chatter instead of using each opportunity to truly bring ourselves and others unto the Lord?

When the preacher spoke again it was to let them know that we are not called to Christianity to go through a routine.  We are not called to argue our interpretations.  We come to God because we sense deep inside our need for Him.  We should be people who are moved by and in love with the Savior who sacrificed to bring us to God.  We should gather to worship, seek Christ personally, and be on fire for the Lord.  Shall we move passed godless chatter now and make sure that our hearts actually reach out to our Lord today?


Dear Lord,

Thank You for loving us!  Let us be so moved by coming to know You that every word we have is for You.  Let our adoration of You bring us always into Your presence, we pray!


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