Fan Into Flames

2nd Timothy 1:6 Fan Into Flames

For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.  2nd Timothy 1:6  NIV


She was a cheerful and lively Spanish girl.  The day she started working in the park, an American boy noticed her.  It was impossible to think that they could ever end up together.  But a flame was ignited.  Something burned deep within them.  They each wanted to be with the other.  So their desire grew.  They fanned it into flames until their love grew strong.  When the summer ended and they had to return to their homes, the flame did not die out.  It burned inside of their hearts until they found a way to be together again.  Do we sense a flame inside of us that could burn for God until it brings us into His arms forever?

Faith and desire have this quality that can be increased.  We could hold our notions towards God for our entire lifetimes without ever fanning them into anything close to burning hot.  Or we could give in to those notions.  We could pray harder, seek more intently, and fan even the tiniest spark into a growing flame.  When our desire is something that burns hot enough, then we can experience our Savior in so many ways.  We can be carried along and kept yearning for more of Him.  Shall we pray that we can fan our spark for Christ into a flame that draws us ever closer to Him?


Dear Lord,

Take what little desire after You that You find in us.  Fan it into flames that will burn so hot for You that we are driven to be with You every minute of every day for all times, we pray!


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